The New Audi Q5

Audi Q5

Impulse Generator for Progress

The Exterior of the New Q5

The exterior of the Audi Q5. A lot of expression. New views. Each generation creates its own new ideals. Things change – be they working conditions, recreational activities or even planning a family. And it’s a good thing they do! Because only changes enable a new way of thinking. Audi has always adhered to this principle and has built cars to set new standards. One of these cars is the Audi Q5.

It intends to convince rather than persuade; it is efficient without spoiling driving enjoyment, it is sporty but still level-headed. It combines sensible technologies with traditional qualities such as intelligence, comfort and power. Experience a progressive way of getting around in the Audi Q5.

More demand and New possibilities

The Interior of the Audi Q5

Get in – and immediately feel at home. Surrounded by luxury, great attention to detail and many intelligent features which make the time you spend in the Audi Q5 very pleasant.

The instruments are sensibly and ergonomically arranged – as the driver you have all the important information available at a glance. The driver information system helps you to actively save fuel: through consumption data overviews, a display of additional consumers and fuel-saving tips for adopting an economical driving style. Another new feature is the attention assist in the driver information system which analyses driving behaviour and recommends breaks, thus supporting the driver during longer journeys.

Audi Q5

Q5 EnginePowerful and Advanced

TDI® in the Audi Q5 One in every two Audi cars sold today is a diesel. What sounds perfectly normal now was cause for huge excitement 20 years ago, when Audi revolutionised the market with the first 2.5 litre TDI engine. Since then, developments such as common rail technology have made TDI even more efficient.

Injectors ensure the fuel is finely and precisely distributed. Consequently, since the first TDI, the engines have become more economical, whilst specific output has increased. So it was only logical that a diesel car should then enter the world of motorsport. And successfully too: in 2006, Audi was the first car maker to win the Le Mans 24 Hours with a diesel-powered race car, the Audi R10 TDI – and then went on to repeat this victory several times over, most recently in 2011.

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